Today in Nashville TV Spot

I got to have a little fun as a guest cook on Today in Nashville, thanks to an invitation from our friends with Music City Light Beer. The hosts, Kelly Sutton and Carole Sullivan, were kind, gracious, and engaging and they made me feel right at home on the set.

I demonstrated my Lollipop Chicken recipe, which has always served me well in competitions. It’s a great dish to bust out if you want to impress company or if you just want to enjoy a different way to eat chicken drumsticks. It’s not hard to prepare but it is easier to understand if you watch someone do it, so if you’re interested in the technique, check out the video of the segment.

We also talked for a bit about our specialty rubs and sauces, which I used on the chicken. That sweet heat kick is a signature flavor profile for me, and our rubs and sauces deliver the perfect blend for chicken and pork. We’ll have these items for sale when we open HoneyFire BBQ later this year.

It was fun to get to know Kelly and Carole and the Today in Nashville team, and I’m looking forward to my next appearance on the show, or welcoming them to the restaurant, whichever comes first.

Click Here to watch the interview