Cooking with Jo Dee Messina

Sweet and spicy…that’s a great way to describe our BBQ, and that’s also how we describe our dear friend (and country music superstar) Jo Dee Messina. Anytime she’s around you know we’re going to have a lot of fun. Jo Dee joined us as a special guest at the Peg Leg Porker Loft, the brand new test kitchen/demo space owned by Peg Leg Porker himself, Carey Bringle, who is another good friend, a BBQ legend, and a Nashville icon. We were so excited to host the first taping in Carey’s beautiful new space, which is outfitted with top-of-the-line Viking appliances (every cook’s dream) and is situated on the third floor of the restaurant, giving us amazing views of the downtown Nashville skyline.

We had a lot of fun cooking up a couple of full chickens and demonstrating how we’ll pull and sauce them to serve them in the restaurant. The combination of our spices, sauce, and Springer Mountain Farms chickens make for an unbeatable flavor profile. I’ve said it before, but there really is no other chicken like Springer Mountain Farms…they just taste better, and they’re always my preference. These are the same ingredients and methods I’ve used for years in BBQ competitions, and they’ve always served me well. My wife Angela even uses my smoked chicken in her soups and casseroles, and it really does kick the flavor factor up. Since we’ll sell our smoked chicken by the pound at the restaurant, that’s definitely something to keep in mind for those recipes where a deep, smoky flavor would be welcomed.

We had a lot of fun filming this video, and I really do thank both Jo Dee Messina and Carey Bringle for everything they contributed to make this shoot a success!